Artis Magistra 22

Annemieke enjoys sharing her skills and experience with others. Adults can sign up for lessons in ceramics and drawing live models. During weekly art classes children take the first steps in developing their creativity and as such, they always work with different materials. Stimulating and supporting artistic skills is the starting point and the formal objective of the Artis Magistra foundation. It’s about people’s creative spirit, but also about actually producing works of art and souvenirs. Originality and craftsmanship are always the goal, but the most important thing is that all participants feel at ease. Getting away from their everyday concerns. It may just be that someone feels better after a few lessons and then the product is much more than just a souvenir or a work of art. You can see this in the happy, relaxed faces and the concentrated stares.

Artis Magistra

Lessons for all ages
Painting, figure drawing, ceramics

Kaya di Zùsternan di Schijndel

tel. +5999 667 1809

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Monday • 08:15–12:00
Tuesday • closed
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Thursday • 13:00–21:00
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